Summer Field Trips

For all Alta Peak Chapter  field trips, hikes, and walks, bring your own water, whatever food you want, sun hat, and sun screen.  The elevation for these summer field trip sites is around 7-9000  feet.

For more information call field trip leader, Joan Stewart, at 539-2717.

June 11: Jordan Peak
If, and this is big question, the North Road is open, and snow is mostly off ground, this would be  time to see the Erythronium in bloom, in addition to 40-50 other plants along the trail. People come from far and wide to see this lily, one of several in genus, each found only on its own mountain top, along the Sierra crest. The climb from trailhead is just over 2 miles. The peak is about 9100 feet elevation. As in former years, we meet at 10 am at the junction of North Road and the end of Highway 190, just beyond Quaking Meadow turnout.

July 9: Meadows along North Road
Some of Joan’s favorite plant/flower wanderings are in and around meadows that lie along North Road.  Each different, each special for one or another reason.  We’ll again meet at 10 am and carpool from the junction mentioned for Jordan Peak, about 24 miles from Springville.

August 6: Nobe Young Meadow
Nobe Young Meadow is historically significant as a site used by early horseback Forest Service high country rangers. It is found off Western Divide Highway about eight miles beyond the North Road junction, about 1.4 miles up Crawford Road, west of the Western Divide Highway.  Joan has spectacular color photos of this meadow from previous visits.

photo by Cathy Capone

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